Personal Daily Prayer

by joel on September 28, 2011

May I be at peace in boundless communion with all beings.

May I be grateful every moment for the presence of benefactors who continuously pour forth love indiscriminately to all, and personally to me.

May I stay open to the “full catastrophe” of life – with every breath aware of the suffering of so many, including my own, and may I intend relief for all who suffer.

May I radiate enthusiasm for life, creativity, and joy under all circumstances and thereby benefit countless beings.

May everyone awaken to the limitless fountain of kindness, compassion, joy-with-others, and equanimity – naturally present in all beings.

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Buddhism and Politics

November 2, 2010
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So How is a Buddhist to Respond to all the Vehement Position-taking in this Political Atmosphere? I must admit that this Buddhist is full of positions and reactivity. When Fox news comes to mind, I recoil with some measure of disgust, distrust, anger, disappointment, loathing, and hopelessness. As I see it, these guys are full [...]

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By Maniza Naqvi

November 1, 2010

from To be able Just to be Present With Without Want Of Possession. Is it possible? This nothing? Is that the space Of not That space? That refuge? Is it possible? This nothing? Where nothing, is. After journeys of Need, Want, Loss. This addition Of shedding is Nothing. The place arrived. Build me a space [...]

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Benefactor Meditation

October 18, 2010

This is a sample post by the site’s designer, a placeholder while the site is under construction. I was applying some hydrocortisone to a rash today (I don’t often get rashes, don’t worry), and I thought I should post something about spirituality, and specifically a certain meditation practice that I learned from a Tibetan Buddhist [...]

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